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Condole carries on the heater

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Condole carries on the heater


Condole carries on the heater

Embedded ceiling heater

Product use

The machine adopts single centrifugal fan, driven by electric heater air, heated air into the room. The machine heater with high-tech products PTC semiconductor ceramic element for heating materials, PTC element and radiator combination together, after electrify fever. Its features are: heat up fast, low power consumption, long life, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, using a wide voltage range; Especially the machine adopts advanced temperature control and protection system, when the air temperature over 73 ℃, the heater automatically shut down, fan carries on, the sound alarm signal and prompt the control panel machine fault; The machine also has the function of heating on duty, when indoor temperature below 4 ℃, the heater automatically start, indoor temperature is higher than 6 ℃, the heater stops working. This machine is safety and control technology in the domestic advanced level, meet the national standard requirements. The machine is installed indoors, with functions of heating, ventilation, etc. Can be widely used in shopping malls, conference halls, Banks, post and telecommunications business hall and other places. Can also be applied to electronic instruments, machinery, textile, food and other industrial enterprises.

Price, specifications and technical parameters


Low the instructions

1, the manual control


2, the remote control instructions


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