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Steam the wind curtain machine should be how to install, use and maintenance

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Steam the wind curtain machine should be how to install, use and maintenance

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Steam air curtain

A, steam air curtain machine installation requirements

1. The machine should be installed on the door frame

2. The slot width must be less than or equal to the length of air curtain; (if it was too wide to connect several curtain machine installation).

3. Install the bottom must be solid coupling (or post) on the wall to prevent vibration caused by loose.

Second, the steam air curtain machine installation method

Install the floor installation method:

Such as: installed in the concrete wall. According to the arrangement of the location of the installation hole on the floor, eight bolts M10 x 60 the relative size of the position, the bolt embedded in cement. Then install base plate is fixed on it. Or directly in the concrete wall punching, use of expansion bolts. 1. Stay mortar in fixed fully, fix the mounting plate washer nut bolt, 8 bolts on the concrete wall or door frame;

2. The body kakari mounting holes must be inserted into the mounting plate, on the dotted line in the figure shown in front.

Third, the use and maintenance

The keys of the machine (1) the wind curtain machine switch, a power on and off, the other two control speed, etc.the machine has two gears;

In order to keep indoor temperature, when using, please open a low gear.

To dust, preventing odour, moth-proofing, use please drive gear.

(2) the adjustment plate in the direction of the wind

When indoor heating, turn the wind deflector, tuyere outward;

When indoor cooling, turn the wind deflector, tuyere inward;

When using dustproof, moth-proofing, anti odor of rotational wind deflector, outlet to the outside.

(3) the maintenance method

1. To check, should cut off the power before cleaning the machine;

2. With a soft cloth with cleaner wet, cleaning the wind hundred shutters, wind curtain blade and casing;

3. Cleaning blade, soft hard, otherwise will cause deformation and vibration

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