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What is the air curtain? What is the role?

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What is the air curtain? What is the role?

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Hot air curtain

Hot air curtain is through the high speed motor drive tubular or centrifugal wind turbines generate strong airflow, forming a invisible door curtain. Air curtain is fan rotational form a uniform distribution of air curtain equipment. Air curtain according to installation area and function can be divided into different isothermal air curtain and the hot air curtain. The isothermal air curtain role is largely isolated from indoor and outdoor air convection, without affecting the building internal and external personnel, goods in and out of the situation, to achieve the purpose of the dust, pollution prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation, isothermal air curtain is generally installed in open often on the outside door frame of the fan, air inlet, outlet, motor and the shell. The winter in the northern region, some high-rise public building and outside door are often in the condition of open and shopping malls, cinemas, stations, public buildings, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, cold air through the gate and other open Kong Jin buildings near the bottom, the hot air is being exhausted from near the top hole, form a stack effect. When the more floor, the stairwells, etc. The greater the vertical channel formation of the draught, through open Kong Jin people near the bottom of the cold wind, the more buildings caused by the bottom part of the corridor, the channel temperature is low, make the person feels not comfortable. Blow out hot air curtain can uniform heat flow, block the hole and closed the door outside the invasion of the cold air, maintain the stability of indoor temperature. According to different hot air curtain heat exchange coil heat source, hot air curtain can be divided into electric heating and steam heating and hot water heating three. When using hot water heating hot air curtain, can be connected to the building air conditioning hot water system, can be used as isothermal air curtain in the summer.

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