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The wind curtain machine generally use in what place and occasion

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The wind curtain machine generally use in what place and occasion

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Hot air curtain

Speaking of air curtain machine, may not have some people is not very understanding. We also have a lot in the customer asked us how to use the wind curtain machine, used in those places, what kind of place can be used, what kind of place is not can use, then liaoning university east thermal appliances small make up to introduce a draught curtain machine is generally used in those places and occasions.

1, restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals and other traffic bigger of the two places: such places because the door is open (not usually less than 3 m), abortion is bigger, so want to choose a big air volume electric hot air curtain machine, due to the electric power is higher, so if the power supply condition limited, by the central air conditioning hot water as far as possible choose water under the condition of hot air curtain machine, it can fully play the role of energy saving.

2, cold storage, freezer: this kind of place is relatively more pay attention to the actual utility of the product, so you can choose the liaoning university east thermal appliances natural wind wind curtain machine, the effect is very good.

3, constant temperature warehouse logistics center: the door of the warehouse logistics center will generally in more than 4 m, so the ordinary air volume of air curtain machine is difficult to achieve expected results, so big air volume is generally selected centrifugal air curtain machine, steam air curtain machine wind resistance height 4.5 meters advisable.

4, hotels, hotels, conference rooms, offices and other places of quiet: these places tend to be quiet, traffic is less, but the door is open, so in order to effectively limit of cold and hot air convection velocity and keep at room temperature, the main consideration when selecting a wind curtain machine is the door height, site installation conditions and noise. According to experience, these places are generally door height within 2.5 meters deep, most of the stainless steel frame; For integral collocation with the surrounding environment, generally choose relatively clean appearance, fashionable ultra-light plain shaft wind flow screen machine.

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