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How to improve the working efficiency of the air curtain machine

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How to improve the working efficiency of the air curtain machine

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Hot air curtain

To improve the efficiency of the air curtain machine requirements

1, outside the wind less lateral (wind)

2, indoor cold (warm) are sufficient and uniform

3, depth is greater than the width of the building

Width is greater than 4, the wind curtain machine into the product width is equal or slightly bigger

5, installation surface and no clearance between wind curtain machine

6 all import and export, building wind curtain machine installation

7, using exhaust fan sites, such as smoke lampblack machine or vent, should set up a supply fan (fan) back again in order to balance is negative pressure difference, avoid to cause convection, reduce the use effect of the wind screen machine.

Steam the wind curtain machine use matters needing attention

(a) should be carefully read the instructions before use, fully grasp the wind curtain machine structure, performance and installation, use and maintenance method and the matters needing attention.

(2) if found the fan has a problem, we should stop the machine immediately to check at any time.

(3) remove the fan before and after pipe on a regular basis in the foreign body, in case of an accident, should be replaced periodically transmission parts lubricating grease, fan rain measures should be in the open air.

(4) encounter day conditions change, should make use of regulating valve.

(5) to measure the fan motor current size regularly, under normal circumstances, the measured current should be less than the rated current.

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