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Application field of air duct heater

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Application field of air duct heater

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Hot air curtain

Hot air curtain air duct heater is mainly used to need air flow from air temperature, initial temperature of heating to need up to 850 ℃. Has been widely applied to aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and institutions of higher learning and other many research lab. Particularly suitable for automatic control moderate flow test system for the joint and accessories.

Electric air heater USES a wide range: can be on any gas heating, hot air drying, no water, non-conductive, combustion, explosion, no chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, safe and reliable, fast heated space heating (controlled).

Air duct heater is mainly used for heating the air in the air duct, the specification points at low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature three forms, have in common is adopted in the structure with steel plate to support electricity heat pipe to reduce the vibration of the fan stops heating tube, overtemperature control devices are fitted in the junction box. Type low temperature can be directly installed on the air duct and the medium temperature, high temperature, due to the different structure of the channel walls and the heater junction box with 100 mm thick insulation materials, on the one hand, reduce the external heat dissipation of the whole passage, on the other hand also decreased after the temperature within the XianQiang.

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