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freezing Warm air blower made available "warm house"

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freezing Warm air blower made available "warm house"

Date:2016-02-26 00:00 Source: Click:

Steam air curtain

Days of rain last week brought panyu a continuous low temperature, at noon the sun also can bring only brief warm, home, chill for a long time in the office cannot be dispelled, especially in the south of the warm winter didn't use air conditioning system used. At this time, might as well buy a heater, creating a warm and comfortable indoor environment, also can minimize energy consumption.

Warm air blower as the name suggests is a kind of can send warm wind device, a combination and radiator fan motor, is mainly composed of air heater and fan, air heater heat dissipation, and then fan out, to adjust the indoor air temperature. In general, warm air blower is mainly divided into fuel heater, gas heater and electric heater, household heater's most for the electric heater.

This season, sells the heater's full of beautiful things in eyes, how to choose? Select warm air blower, should be used according to the family purpose to determine the bedroom, bathroom or bedroom bathroom dual-purpose; Secondly, we should pay attention to whether heater heating area is consistent and usable floor area. Home heater meters should be above 5 a, unfavorable choose too much power of the heater. In addition, because of the warm air blower adopted by the heating element is different, price is different also. In general, far infrared quartz tube, heating wire heater for heating element, the price is generally low. The PTC ceramic heating element of the heater's price is a little bit higher, but the light loss, without oxygen consumption, high thermal efficiency, long service life, if conditions permit, shall be preferred the PTC ceramic heater.

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